At Bellas Manitas, our Infant Program uses The Ounce Scale assessment system. The ounce Scale helps us get to know children better by observing their everyday activities at home and at Bellas Manitas. We will record notes in your child’s Observation Records to keep track of your child’s behaviors and accomplishments. You’ll have a chance to record what you learn about your child in your Family Albums.

You will receive a new album every four months if your child is twelve months or younger, and every six months until your child is three and a half years of age. These albums have space for you to write down stories about your child and to paste in photos or draw pictures. They are memory books for you to keep and enjoy for years to come. Over time, we will meet to share the Observation Records and Family Albums. We will use what we learn to plan ways we can work together to help your child grow. The Ounce Scale is not a test. It is a way to observe children as they play and take part in daily activities, such as eating breakfast or snacks, bathing, dressing, playing, and being with children and adults. The Ounce Scale focuses on what children can do, not what they can’t do. Together, we will keep track of the following areas of development:

  • It’s about Trust: How your child shows trust
  • Learning About Me: How your child expresses who he/she is
  • Child to Child: How your child acts around other children
  • Child Talk: How your child understands and communicates
  • Child Discoveries: How your child explores and figures things out
  • Children in Motion: How your child moves his/her body and user his/her hands

By sharing what we observe, we will get a clearer picture of your child than either of us would alone We will be partners working together to find the best ways to help your child learn and develop.